zondag 25 mei 2008


Speedpainting of a landscape near my house. (Photoshop, 30 minutes)
Sometimes I worry for these fields because the government bad guys want to turn it into a highway.

6 opmerkingen:

studio lolo zei

very, very beautiful.

MayY . C 五月媽媽 zei

wow, speed painting in PSD? you sure master in PSD! I hope in near future you will have some lesson thru your blog how you do this! I will be first to sign in!
Thanks for sharing!

Tammie Lee zei

yes let's keep our fields.

Wouter Tulp zei

mooi mooi...

platitudinal zei

It is so pretty! (sigh :)

Banti zei

hehe een schande die snelweg